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The GE online sales are in Canadian dollars now, which translates into important savings for both US and Canadian buyers. Roughly, 1 Canadian Dollar equals 0.79 US Dollar, subject to disparity throughout 2018.

Additional discounts have also been applied to two 13-DVD sets and over sales. 2 sets: 15% off, 3 sets: 25% off, 4 sets: 35% off. For 5 sets and over, please email

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Northern Lights 01 - Canada

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Globalization assimilates more countries into the international markets, urging the need for communication in English. The expansion of the Internet and its convergence with Television allow end-users to listen to, speak, read, and write in English. Increasing numbers of multinationals learn English to cooperate among themselves, shop, sell, or teach. Due to globalization, non-native speakers of English no longer consider English as a foreign language, but as a second language of their own, which helps them communicate with the rest of the world. They use English and benefit from technology to express their identity. The globalization imposes new thinking with respect to English language teaching and learning. Three factors affect irreversibly English language learning and teaching:

1. International interaction
2. New employment standards
3. Technological development

All the changes the technological development and economic globalization bring to life every day require new understanding of the socio-economic dynamics and their influence on us. The global contact we benefit from today places new responsibilities on the English teachers, the level of their skills affecting the English language learners.

So, if you want a good job in business, technology, or science, improve your English. If you have a good job, improve your English before you lose it. Improving your English will help you gain technical knowledge, use a computer more effectively, or become a better businessperson. Good English enables you to improve your understanding of the world.