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DVDs 1, 2, 3 and 5 teach patterns related to phonics, which might lead some people to assume that GE is a step-by-step introduction to English. Not so! Soon, GE delves into parts of speech, moods and tenses, sentence construction, and more.

Real life visuals are used in the first programs, but as the programs delve into subjects related to the spoken English, real life visuals are no longer employed. Only words, expressions, and subject lines and paragraphs appear on animated backgrounds during the instructions and explanations, which the Narrator voices over. The Host inter-cuts on-screen to introduce each segment, unit, and sub-unit, engaging effectively in a direct dialogue with the viewers and the narrator. Further use of real life visuals would have definitely distracted learners' attention. Each DVD can be played as one unit (beginning to end), or as separate units from an interface that is programmed on each DVD. The interface enables learners to study, and teachers to teach, at their own pace.

We live in an age of visual information, where visual content plays a role in every part of life. As visual learners make up most of the Planet's population, images are clearly a major key to engaging people in eLearning, which is what GE does. 
Global English [GE] is ideal for native and non-native speakers of English, who want to: [1] IMPROVE THE CLARITY OF THEIR PHONICS, [2] ENHANCE THE GRAMMAR OF THEIR SPOKEN ENGLISH, [3] MASTER THE PARTS OF SPEECH, and [4] BOOST THEIR WRITING SKILLS.


GE is great for "PLAY, STOP, & LEARN or TEACH" activity. It's an excellent LIBRARY CHECK OUT ITEM. Aside from being a practical self-teaching tool, or a suitable supplement to existing instructional video material, GE is also ideal for comprehensive academic grammar collections. All explanations in GE have been keyed to three governing principles: [1] CLEARNESS , [2] LIVELINESS, and [3] APPROPRIATENESS. These principles help learners and speakers of English develop better judgment in language matters related to speaking and writing situations. And so, they gain competence in English, which they need to be successful in the every day life, in business and their social relations.

AUDIENCE: Native and non-native speakers of English, High School 10-12, College, University, Teachers, Instructors, Public Speakers, Business People, Media, Writers, General Adult.

EDUCATION FIT: Languages, English Language Arts, ESL, and Literacy Provincial [State] Programs of Study and Resources.