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PROLOGUE TO THE GLOBAL ENGLISH TV SERIES (GE): English IS the language of global communication. Isn't it? Then, what should the goal of teaching or learning English be? You might have not asked yourself this question, until now. In Today's multi-ethnic, international computer World, we need to teach non-native speakers of English to understand both native and non-native speakers of English. We also need to teach native speakers of English to understand non-native speakers of English. We need to do so, because the increasing fraction of non-native speakers of English has surpassed the proportion of native speakers of English. Hence, the non-native speakers of English conduct most of the daily transactions around the world, not the native speakers of English. Thus, the old mind-set, "who's teaching who", you know what we mean, doesn't apply anymore. So, for obvious reasons, we have to teach, learn, and speak Global English, which obviously means change. We can find many good examples regarding the change of English, over time. Computing - for example - is changing English, too, and we see new standards emerging every day. English spelling is the way it is today, because printing was introduced in England at the end of the Middle English Age. If you'll make GE your best friend, the first lesson may seem simple to you, but, don't skip them. Don't miss one! They are the ground work for the lessons ahead. GE will help you improve your pronunciation and the grammar of your spoken English. That's what your focus should be centered on in our time of change. GLOBAL ENGLISH (GE), designed for native and non-native speakers of English, who want to: (1) improve the clarity of their phonics, (2) enhance the grammar of their spoken English, (3) master the parts of speech, and (4) boost their writing skills.

GE is ideal for classroom "play, stop, and teach" instructional activities. It serves very well as a self-teaching tool, or as a supplement to existing instructional video material. It's an ideal encyclopedia for academic comprehensive grammar collections. AUDIENCE: Grades 8-12, College, University, Business People, Teachers, Communication Professionals, Public Speakers, Administrators, Media, Instructors, Writers, General Adult. EDUCATION FIT: Languages, English Language Arts and Literacy, Professional Development.
George Angelescu, producer/director/author
of GE, on the Subject of English
NOTE: DVDs 01, 02, 03 and 05 teach patterns related to phonics, which might lead learners to assume that GE is a step-by-step introduction to English. Not so. Soon GE delves into parts of speech, moods and tenses, sentence construction, and more. Each DVD can be played as one unit (beginning to end), or as separate units from a menu that is programmed on each DVD, a feature that enables GE users to study at their own pace.
Here are the SUBJECT ENTRIES the GE episodes teach, along with a synopsis for each episode. This link brings up the GE PRODUCTION REPORT, which introduces features and particulars related to GE
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