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ALBERTA: Romanian ethnic memories
Documentary [45'35"]

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"Romanian-Ethnic Albertans:
Historical Perspective

"Never far from the Eagle Tail Hill"
a monography about the first Romanians that settled
in east-central Alberta by the beginning of 1880-ies.

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English - Romanian

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ALBERTA: amintiri etnice Romanesti
Documentar [45'35"]

Descarcati Acest Articol (in Engleza)
"Romanian-Ethnic Albertans:
Historical Perspective

Descarcati (in Engleza)
"Never far from the Eagle Tail Hill"
o monografie despre Romanii stabiliti in partea
central-estica a Albertei la inceputurile anilor 1880

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Producator: GEORGE ANGELESCU (Anghelescu)

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Programe romanesti in HD pe televizorul D-voastra cu Receiverul de la TVPLUSFILME. Include
Cinemateca Romaneasca cu sute de filme RO. Pentru detalii vizitati:

Group Maintenance And Ethnic Commitment
For Romanians in Canada, ethnicity tends to be voluntary, pragmatic, functional, and situational. Many wear their ethnic identity only when it suits them...Read more...

Calgary combines a thriving metropolis with Western roots and friendly small town hospitality. Stroll through downtown Calgary and you'll see skyscrapers named after big oil and energy companies like Husky, Petro-Canada, and the new EnCana. As oil-rich Houston is to the U.S., Calgary is to Canada, not only in its concentration of energy companies, but also its rugged western image that includes the annual Stampede, probably the world's greatest rodeo, which attracts over a million visitors each summer. With its copious influx of oil money, Calgary has become quite a cultural center; the city now has about 40 live theater companies. Planning a trip to Calgary? Read about Calgary first – how to get to Calgary, what paperwork may be necessary, if you're visiting from out of country, and find core amenities around town such as banks, ATMs, car rentals and more.

Did you know? Calgary is the largest city in the province of Alberta, Canada. It is located in the south of the province, in an area of foothills and high plains, approximately 80 kilometers (50 miles) east of the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies. The city is located in the Parkland region of Alberta. Calgary is the fourth largest civic municipality, by population, in Canada.

The Agreement on Social Security between Canada and Romania came into force November 1, 2011. The Agreement may help you qualify for Canadian and Romanian retirement, disability or survivor benefits... Read more...

A trecut un secol de cind stramosii romanilor-albertani au facut primul bordei din pamint canadian, aici unde a existat odinioara satul Boian. El vorbeste de la sine despre inceputurile lor in Alberta – unde au pus bazele a douasprezece asezari cu nume romanesti - Boianul Mic, Boianul Mare, Malin, Suvevita si altele.

Ni se pare ca mai auzim inca vintul salbatec si rece, misrosind a pustiu si iarna, suerind dincolo de peretii sai. Spiritele care domenesc peste micutul lacas ne soptesc, spunindu-ne ca cei care au locuit aici s-au zbatut; ca zbuciumul lor a durut; ca ei au venit aici ca...

The Next Generation Of Canadians News Staff
The next generation of Canadians could be comprised of nearly one-third of non-Canadian born, according to Statistics Canada's projections, which also suggest that the majority of immigrants will continue to make their homes in large urban centres... Read more...

Edmonton, downtown - Alberta
Edmonton - Alberta

City Hall, Medicine Hat
City Hall, Medicine Hat - Alberta

Red Deer, Alberta
Red Deer - Alberta
Banff - Alberta
Banff - Alberta

JapaneseGardens, Lethbridge - Alberta
Japanese Gardens, Lethbridge - Alberta

Spring Creek Lodge, Canmore - Alberta
Spring Creek Lodge, Canmore - Alberta

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Alberta Weekly TV Magazine
OVER A HUNDRED THIRTY FIVE YEARS OF ROMANIAN ETHNIC PRESENCE IN ALBERTA (Click on the picture below to download the book.)

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"Never Far From Eagle Tail Hill" (Niciodata departe de Dealul Coada Vulturului) - A monography by Michael G. Toma about the first waves of Romanian Pioneer Settlers that arrived and homesteaded in north-eastern Alberta around 1885. (English language).

"The church on the hill, some four milles directly east of Willingdon, has had a long, interesting and, at times, a rather turbulent history. As early as 1900 when the first Romanian emigrants settled there, the more aggressive ones began to think of building a house of prayer. Already two persons had passed away and there was no cemetery and no church... " Download the book...

Am intocmit aceasta LISTA, convins fiind de rolul Bisericii in viata sociala si in dezvoltarea invatamantului romanesc de-a lungul secolelor. Constructia primei bisericii romanesti din Alberta a inceput in 1902. Edificiul a fost sfintit si s-a dat in folosinta in 1905. Accesati lista...

Tara din suflet - documentar
The country I carry in my soul - documentary
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